About Us

Two years ago, 3 friends were sitting on a boat during a surface interval between dives. We started talking about how much fun we had while diving & spearfishing. The conversation continued to involve health benefits and the desire to clear your head with simply 45 minutes of “bubble time”. With the red, white, & blue flying high above the 27′, center console, fishing vessel, we decided to take our passion of diving and impart our collective experience and knowledge in an effort to help those who really needed that clarity as much as we did.

A year later, Project Restoration Foundation was born to help those in need! Bryan Anger, a professional NFL punter, drove his next play to the veterans and public safety realm to organize SCUBA certification to those suffering from PTSD and social anxiety. SCUBA allows people to have a solid focus on one task at a time. Relax their mind, body, and soul to release them from the PTSD captor!