How Can I Help?

Project Restoration Foundation has managed to put together enough gear to help train our Veterans and earn their Open Water Certification. We can cover about 4 students in each class, which is where we like to keep the class sizes for a much more focused attention to detail during training.

It takes about $600 between eLearning codes, air fills (as we don’t own our own compressor yet), resort/water entry fees, travel expenses, and other rental gear if we don’t happen to own a particular size of wetsuit or boots.

This $600 allows us to offer the Open Water SCUBA certification to those individuals (who meet the criteria) FREE OF CHARGE!!

We hope that fundraising and sponsorship will assist in eventually procuring all this equipment.

Your donation will help fund our annual operating costs which consist of liability insurance, certifying agency affiliations, equipment maintenance, and any other marketing that we feel necessary to get the word out. Your donation can also be specifically earmarked for a particular person, in which we will keep you informed of their progress!

We have a very specific list of gear that we still need, but we realize that we are growing. As we grow, our hope is to have an annual grant that will allow a public safety individual (who meets the criteria) to advance their training to a professional level and actually become a SCUBA Instructor!

Part of the agreement of those students who become an Instructor as that they come back and volunteer their time teaching their fellow Veterans and/or Public Safety professionals the Open Water SCUBA process that that they experienced. We call this the Circle of Life!